How to Get What You Want in Life & Avoid Drama

Do you know how to get what you want in life? As an alternative therapist working in Ottawa, I often help clients do this, while avoiding life drama.

Do you complain, grumble and whine about how your life is going? Then do nothing? Do you follow the same pattern over and over again?

You’re stuck in your own life drama.


You need to recognize what you don’t want.
Do you ever get a feeling in your gut of ‘I don’t want to do this,’ or ‘I shouldn’t be doing this,’ or a feeling of being uncomfortable or even a feeling like you should resist but don’t know why? Pay attention to those feelings. Subconsciously those feelings are letting you know that something is about to go wrong in your life.

Choose a different path
Acknowledge your uncomfortable and uneasy feelings and choose a different path. You need to say ‘No’ to doing something you know deep down inside isn’t right for you.

Here’s an example:
You’re struggling in your business to be successful. Your business partner comes up with a new plan. You’re uncomfortable about the plan. To you it just doesn’t feel right. You don’t say anything because you don’t have any better ideas. You go along with the plan. When you get home, you complain to your friend/partner about the new plan. You realize the minute you begin to complain that the new plan won’t work for you.

Before you go back to your business partner and say ‘it won’t work,’ take the time to quietly and thoughtfully figure out what is truly bothering you. Be specific when acknowledging what the issues are. It will help your business partner understand your reservations. It will also help you and your business partner target and fix the issues.

Use your imagination
Now that you understand why something isn’t right for you – relax. You need to let the information or situation percolate in your mind. Allow your imagination run wild. Give yourself permission to be imaginative. It can lead to great possibilities.

Come up with a creative solution
Yes you can! The next time you find yourself in a situation that isn’t working do three things:
• Take the time – a few days, even a week – to think about it
• Let your imagination take over – look at your situation from every angle, think ‘outside the box’, turn it upside down
• Write down your ideas even the ‘off the wall’ ones
Now how many ‘ideas’ did you come up with? You’ll be surprised at the number of creative solutions you can come up with by doing a little ‘free thinking.’

You now have a more positive approach to take to get to a solution. Getting upset just sets the stage for drama. You may have a number of solutions that could all possibly work. Keep running the solutions through your mind – one will eventually stand out. You now have a new positive direction, a possible solution and other approaches you could take if need be.

You can get what you want
Your new direction is just the beginning. You now know how to spend the time to be clear and specific in what you want. Keep notes. Visualize your new direction – it will help you focus. Make a plan. Break it into achievable steps. You’ll see exactly what you need to do. Be specific. Detailing your solution and plan will make it easier for you to achieve exactly what you want.

Now go get it!

Get what you want.






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