Declutter Your Life to Overcome Depression & Gain Emotional Freedom

Space…Your Final Frontier.

Are you bogged down by clutter? Is your desk a disaster? Does your home make you feel like a hoarder? Are you plagued by ‘fuzzy’ thinking? Do you feel constantly overwhelmed or even depressed by the clutter in your life?

If this rings true for you, it time to declutter your life and gain some emotional freedom.

Take the first step:


Now, make a quiet time for yourself to:

Think, Reflect, Fix

What do you want to make room for in your life? Would you like more room (time) to relax? Do you want to make room for a career change? What you want to make room or time for doesn’t matter. What matters is you are thinking about a change. Your ‘thinking’ will keep you motivated while you change and make room for what you want in your life.

What are you doing right now that prevents you from de-cluttering your life? What’s holding you back from moving onto something new and wonderful? Reflecting on how to change can be a challenge. You may get stuck – either physically or mentally – on how to change things and get rid of your clutter. If you ‘freeze up’ or feel overwhelmed, break down your challenges into areas of your life and tackle them one at a time. For example, do you feel like your brain is on constant overload? Think back to when it started – maybe its job related. Family issues? Step back and take the time to pinpoint the source of conflict. Now that you’ve identified as objectively as you can what’s holding you back, you’re ready to fix it.

Now that you know how you ended up with a cluttered lifestyle and know what you want, it’s time to fix it! Start with one area and rid yourself of clutter. For example, is your office at work a disaster? Is it because you have so many responsibilities? Do you simply have no time to clear your desk of papers? You have two choices. The first one is to get an assistant. Even a college student part-time could help de-clutter your office and make it more efficient. This gives you the time to do something wonderful, something you’ve really wanted to do. Your second choice is to create 15 minutes either at the beginning or end of your day that is dedicated to cleaning up your office and stick to it. No matter which option you choose, you’ll feel an instant charge of satisfaction when your desk is cleared. Perhaps you are hoping for a promotion. Showing you can stay on top of everything, including your paperwork just might be the thing you need to get your promotion.

Feel a real sense of accomplishment
Start off with one item or area, complete it and then build on your success. You’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when you get rid of some of your clutter. You’ll be able to move forward mentally, emotionally, physically and best of all create space in your life for something wonderful.

Declutter Your Life

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