Your journey to leading a healthy, positive life begins now

Dr. Lori Kay, provides guidance so:

  • You can feel happier
  • You can achieve your goals both personally and professionally
  • You can move forward and make clearer decisions about your life

Dr. Lori Kay helps you take control and find the path you are meant to be on. She will help you:

  • Deal with the issues that are holding you back
  • Break free from unhealthy patterns of behavior
  • Create balance mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Many individuals postpone enjoying their lives. How often have you thought… “as soon as I achieve this goal, I will taken some time for myself”? In theory this is a great disciplined approach to life. In reality, often something else comes up or achieving what you want takes longer than you thought. In my private practice, I have spent years working with people who are last on their own list. This leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, not being as productive at work and, a realization that your life is lacking fun and success.

Recognizing that there will always be never ending lists of must do items, that need to get done or it feels like your universe will indeed fall apart. This prevents you from having balance between going through life with a to do check list and finding time to enjoy life. There is a happy healthier way to live your life and have greater success. With my years of coaching I can help you achieve true balance in your life.

Dr. Lori Kay received her PhD in psychology, and has become compassionate when she provides her coaching. She is also a Reiki Master. Dr. Lori Kay helps people to clear what is standing in the way of living happier and healthier lives. With many years of experience, Dr. Lori Kay uses her skills and knowledge to help you find and guide you on your correct path.

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Healing the Food Chain

healing_food_chainImagine how the world will be affected by millions of people around the world eating food that is free of the vibrations of death and cruelty. Ultimately the new SVH Trigger Process: Bless, will assist to transform the collective consciousness and heal the food chain.